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What can you monitor with HP Insight Online? (Select three )

A.    Service events
B.    Directory services
C.    Warranties
D.    OS event log
E.    Support cases

Answer: ACE

HP procedures relevance configuration for orchestration template that assist in sizing and designing infrastructure solution to host application based on tested best practices. What are those called?

A.    HP OO Designer staging templates
B.    HP IO Designer staging templates
C.    HP CloudSystem Reference Links
D.    HP Cloud Maps

Answer: A

A DL380 Gen9 server occupied with two SSD drives in mirror mode reports I/O errors of local disks. How can you increase data redundancy for local storage?

A.    Perform backup and restore for data consistency.
B.    Add an additional SSD drive and use Advanced Data Mirroring.
C.    Migrate from hardware RAID 1 to software RAID 1+0.
D.    Switch Smart Array into battery backed write cache (BBWC) mode.

Answer: B

Which type of security uses HP System Insight Manager (HP SIM) to enable an effective delegation of management responsibilities by giving system administrators granular control?

A.    Role-based security
B.    System-based security
C.    Toolbox-based security
D.    Host-based security

Answer: A

Which technology advantage does HP Qualified Memory in HP ProLiant Gen9 servers provide compared to standard memory?

A.    Pre-failure alerts
B.    Advanced ECC
C.    Memory error logging
D.    Enhanced performance

Answer: D

When an HP ProLiant BL460c Generation 8 server is configured with a FlexNIC, the PCI-e devices’ port speeds can be set using increments of which size?

A.    1 GB
B.    10 GB
C.    100 MB
D.    10 MB

Answer: C
http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/13127_div/13127_div.html (At A Glance, 4th bulleted point)

You are planning an HP BladeSystem solution on a c7000 enclosure. In addition to the connectivity requirements shown in the picture. The customer wants to be able to configure additional network connections with a speed of 2×10 GB LACP for each A5820 switch.
Which incorrect module configuration can satisfy the customer’s future expansion plans?

A.    Procurve 5120G/XG modules in increment bays 1, 2, 5 and 6 Brocade 8 GB SAN switches in bays 3 and 4
B.    Virtual Connect Flex 10 modules in increment bays 1 and 2 and virtual connect 8 GB Fibre Channel modules in bays 3 and 4
C.    Procurve 5120G/XG modules in increment bays 1 and 2 and Brocades 8 GB SAN switches in bays 3 and 4
D.    Virtual Connect FlexFabric modules in increment bays 1, 2, 3, and 4

Answer: C

When performing a customer SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, which “Opportunity” does the capacity Advisor functionality of an HP Matrix Operating Environment Solution being to a multi-vendor server data center?

A.    Provides storage provisioning management in the environment
B.    Consolidates the CPU utilization data in the environment
C.    Improves power capping across the environment
D.    Enables storage capacity management and report generation

Answer: D

A server in the computer room has a 2.5″ 146GB hot-pluggable SAS disk with flashing LEDs.
It has a green LED that is flashing intermittently and an amber LED flashing at a regular interval (1Hz). What does the status of these LEDs indicate?

A.    The drive is active, but a predictive failure alert was received for this drive. Replace the drive as soon as possible.
B.    The drive is active, and it is operating normally.
C.    A critical fault condition was identified for this drive, and the controller placed it offline.
Replace the drive as soon as possible.
D.    The drive is offline, a spare, or not configured as part of an array

Answer: A

A customer has purchased a DL380 Gen9 with the 4 x 1 GB network option standard. The customer now needs to upgrade to a 2 x 10 GB network solution.
How is this achieved?

A.    Add a PCI Riser with integrated 2 x 10 GB FlexibleLOM.
B.    Replace the 4 x 1 GB SFPs with 2 x 10 GB SFPs.
C.    Upgrade to PCle 3.0 with 4 x 1 GB SFPs and 2 x 10 GB SFPs.
D.    Replace the 4 x 1 GB FlexibleLOM with a 2 x 10 GB FlexibleLOM.

Answer: D


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