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QUESTION 1 Which of the following is a benefit of ISO/IEC 20000 certification? A.    It guarantees that all certified IT Service Management processes are at least audited by a registered certification body once a year. B.    It shows that a company manages IT Services according to an independently audited quality standard. C.    It shows that […]

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QUESTION 1 What is a description of Governance? A.    How IT resources will be used to meet goals and deliver business value B.    a process that ensures individualsare aware of regulations, policies, and procedures that must be followed as a result of senior management decisions management C.    Who holds the authority to make decisions, determines […]

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QUESTION 1 Which of the following is NOT part of quality planning? A.    Define quality responsibilities B.    Gain acceptance of the project product C.    Agree acceptance criteria D.    Set quality tolerances Answer: B QUESTION 2 Which should be provided by a project mandate? A.    Terms of reference B.    Detailed Business Case C.    Stage tolerances D.    […]

2014 Latest EXIN EX0-001 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Which two processes will contribute MOST to enabling effective problem detection? A.    Incident and financial management B.    Change and release and deployment management C.    Incident and event management D.    Knowledge and service level management Answer: C QUESTION 2 Which of the following would be used to communicate a high level description of a […]

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QUESTION 1 What is the entry point or the first level of the V model? A.    Customer / Business Needs B.    Service Release C.    Service Requirements D.    Service Solution Answer: A QUESTION 2 Service Acceptance criteria are used to? A.    Ensure the design stage of the Lifecycle B.    Ensure Portfolio Management is in place C.    […]

2014 Latest EXIN EX0-117 Exam Demo Free Download!

QUESTION 1 Which of the following items would commonly be on the agenda for a change advisory board (CAB)? 1. Details of failed changes 2. Updates to the change schedule 3. Reviews of completed changes A.    All of the above B.    1 and 2only C.    2 and 3 only D.    1 and 3 only Answer: […]

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