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Refer to the exhibit. You are developing a migration plan to enable IPv6 in your IPv4 network. Starting at R3 and assuming default IS-IS operations, what is likely to happen when you enable IPv6 routing on the link from R3 to R2?

A.    Only R3 and R2 have IPv4 and IPv6 reachability.
B.    R2 receives an IPv6 default route from R3.
C.    Loopback reachability between all routers for IPv4 is lost.
D.    All routers except R2 are reachable through IPv4.
E.    R3 advertises the link from R3-R2 to R1, R4 and R5 only.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Will traffic sourced from router A and destined for a host on network always take the optimal path to that host?

A.    No, if router A chooses to forward traffic destined to a host on the network to router B,
it will take a less than optimal path to reach its destination.
B.    Yes, router A has enough information to always direct traffic to router C when forwarding traffic to
a host on the network.
C.    Yes, router B will forward the traffic towards correctly, if router A chooses that path.
D.    It doesn’t matter which path to a host on router A chooses, through router B or router C,
since they are equal in cost.
E.    It depends on the routing protocol.

Answer: A

Your design plan includes mutual redistribution of two OSPF networks at multiple locations, with connectivity to all locations in both networks. How is this accomplished without creating routing loops?

A.    Use route maps on the ASBRs to allow only internal routes to be redistributed.
B.    Use route maps on the ASBRs to allow internal and external routes to be redistributed.
C.    Use route maps on the ASBRs to set tags for redistributed routes.
D.    Use route maps on the ASBRs to filter routes with tags so they are not redistributed.

Answer: D

Which statement accurately describes how PIM sparse mode operates?

A.    RPs can become bottlenecks, since multicast traffic must always flow through the RP and down the
shared tree to get to the receivers.
B.    RPs switch each traffic flow to the shortest path tree when more than one receiver is present.
C.    If an RP fails and there is no backup RP, new sources that begin sending will not be discovered by
the other PIM routers in the network.
D.    If an RP fails and there is no backup RP, multicast traffic will cease flowing in the network.

Answer: C

Why might you want to synchronize IGP and BGP convergence by advertising an infinite metric in OSPF or setting the overload bit in IS-IS?

A.    to prevent traffic loss when the path from a router to a BGP next hop traverses another router that
has not yet learned the path via BGP
B.    to prevent BGP from converging faster than IGP, which can cause temporary routing loops in the
C.    to prevent routes which are learned both from IGP and BGP from forming a routing loop
D.    to prevent churning between multiple available routes reachable through IGP and BGP

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. All of these network devices are running IPv6. When host A is attached to this link, how will it discover the presence of routers B and C?

A.    Routers B and C will respond to an ICMP get route request sent by host A.
B.    Routers B and C will detect the addition of the new host the first time it transmits any packets, and
will send an ICMP router discovery reply to host A.
C.    Host A will discover routers B and C through the neighbor discovery process.
D.    Routers B and C send out periodic gratuitous ARPv6 messages to alert newly attached hosts to
their presence.

Answer: C

What is the function of the Community String field defined in a trap PDU?

A.    enable the routing of messages
B.    allow authentication by management station
C.    enable reliable delivery of messages
D.    isolate the PDU within a defined region of the network

Answer: B

When designing a network, which two security features should be added to the design to protect hosts from potential IPv6 neighbor discovery denial of service attacks at the access layer? (Choose two.)

A.    SEND
B.    RA Guard
C.    IKEv2
D.    IPsec
E.    DMVPNv6

Answer: AB

You are the lead network designer for an enterprise company called ABC, and you are leading design discussions regarding IPv6 implementation into their existing network. A question is raised regarding older Layer 2 switches that exist in the network, and if any changes are required to these Layer 2 switches for successful IPv6 implementation. Which two responses should you give? (Choose two.)

A.    IPv6 is transparent on Layer 2 switches, so there is no need to make any changes to the Layer 2
B.    If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support ICMPv6
snooping at Layer 2 switches.
C.    If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support DHCPv6
snooping at Layer 2 switches.
D.    If IPv6 multicast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support MLD snooping
at Layer 2 switches.
E.    If IPv6 anycast deployment is planned, then make sure that Layer 2 switches support ND snooping
at Layer 2 switches.

Answer: AD

Your organization is working on a design solution for a new Internet-based remote access virtual private network that has 1000 remote sites. A network administrator recommends GETVPN as the model because the network of today uses DMVPN, which results in a lot of background NHRP control traffic. What is a potential problem with using GETVPN for this design solution?

A.    GETVPN would require a high level of background traffic to maintain its IPsec SAs.
B.    GETVPN is not scalable to a large number of remote sites.
C.    GETVPN and DMVPN will not interoperate.
D.    GETVPN key servers would be on public, hacker-reachable space and need higher security.

Answer: D


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