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Which two series aggregate functions are only available on numeric field data types? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Count: Non-empty
B.    Count: All
C.    Avg
D.    Max

Answer: CD

Which of the following chart types can be configured as an organization-owned chart but not as a user owned chart?

A.    bar and line
B.    tag or doughnut
C.    line and multi-series
D.    area and funnel

Answer: D

You are implementing a Lead to Quote business process. The process will update the Lead. Account Contact, and Quote entities. You need to create a business process flow (BPF) that spans the entities.
What should you do?

A.    For each stage, specify the step.
B.    Add a workflow.
C.    Use a composition.
D.    Add a stage and specify the properties for each entity.

Answer: D

You need to create a business process flow (BPF) that spans multiple entities. Which of the following statements is true?

A.    You can use entities that have N:N relationships.
B.    The same entity cannot be used twice.
C.    Relationships must exist between entities.
D.    You can include a maximum of five entities.

Answer: C

You create a business rule for the Account entity.
The business rule must nin when you import account records. Which two conditions must be true? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    The scope was set to Entity.
B.    The scope was set to Account.
C.    A business rule is active.
D.    A business rule snapshot was successful.

Answer: CD

You are implementing a new business process.
The system must send a notification to the manager 24 hours after an opportunity Is created based on the date of the next best action.
Which type of workflow should you implement?

A.    synchronous workflow
B.    asynchronous workflow
C.    Microsoft Dynamics 365 dialogs
D.    business process flow (BPF)

Answer: C

You create a business rule for the Case entity and set the scope to Case. Which action will cause the business rule to run?

A.    The form loads.
B.    An asynchronous workflow updates the record.
C.    An asynchronous workflow creates a record.
D.    The record is saved.

Answer: A

Which action can you perform by using a business rule?

A.    Subtract $5.00 from a currency field.
B.    Clear a two options field.
C.    Concatenate two text fields.
D.    Add six days to a date field.

Answer: D

You create a workflow and set the scope to User (default). User A owns the workflow. User B is making bulk changes on records that will trigger the workflow. Which records will this workflow affect?

A.    records owned by users in the same business unit as User B
B.    records owned by User A
C.    records owned by User B
D.    records owned by either User A or User B

Answer: B

You are a subject matter expert for an insurance company. You have a complex business method that is used for settling and releasing claims.
You need to create a process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to assist team members with the claims settlement process. You must limit this process to team members that have a specific security role.
What should you implement?

A.    business process flow (BPF)
B.    workflows
C.    custom actions
D.    dialogs

Answer: A


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