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Where does performance tuning of high CPU utilization take place in Cisco UCS?

A.    high performance policy
B.    energy performance mode policy
C.    compute policy
D.    BIOS policy

Answer: D

A Cisco UCS Director administrator is viewing the status of his pod on the Virtual > Compute tab. Which three tabs are available under this menu& (Choose three.)

A.    VMs
B.    VM Chargeback
C.    Service Requests
D.    VM Reservations
E.    Resource Pools
F.    vDCs

Answer: AEF

Which three statements about server pools are true? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco USC Director Displays only the managed servers in a server pool, but the size of the pool includes all servers.
B.    Servers pools cannot be assigned to a Cisco USC Director group.
C.    A given server can belong only to a specific server pool.
D.    A server pool contains a set of servers that share the same attributes such as server type, amount of memory, local storage, type of CPU, or local drive configuration.
E.    A server pool only includes servers from a specific chassis in the system.
F.    If your system implements multitenansy through organizations, you can designate one ore more server pools to be used by a specific organization.

Answer: ADF

Refer to the exhibit. Which set of commands results in this output?

A.    show service-profile circuit detail
B.    connect nxos
show system internal port-map
C.    connect nxos b
show system internal woodside sts
D.    connect iom 1
show platform software woodside sts

Answer: D

An administrator is troubleshooting basic connectivity between two Fibre Channel points that include node hops and latency data. Which tool is the best for troubleshooting this scenario?

A.    ping
B.    fctraceroute
C.    traceroute
D.    fcping

Answer: B
Ping and traceroute are two of the most useful tools for troubleshooting TCP/IP networking problems. The ping utility generates a series of echopackets to a destination across a TCP/IP internetwork. When the echo packets arrive at the destination, they are rerouted and sent back to the source. Using ping, you can verify connectivity and latency to a particular destination across an IP routed network.
The traceroute utility operates in a similar fashion, but can also determine the specific path that a frame takes to its destination on a hop-by-hop basis.

A Cisco UCS Director administrator is installing a Bare Metal Agent and is in the process of adding an NFS mount point. Which Administration menu option does the administrator choose to add an NFS mount point?

A.    Compute Accounts
B.    Storage Accounts
C.    Physical Accounts
D.    Bare Metal Accounts

Answer: C

In which topology should Cisco UCS vNIC Fabric Failover be enabled?

A.    on every vNIC on every service profile
B.    only on vNICs assigned to hypervisors
C.    only on vNICs assigned to bare metal operating systems
D.    only on vNICs when an operating system level teaming driver is unavailable

Answer: D

A Cisco USC Director administrator is configuring his pod on the Physical > Compute Tab. Which three tabs are available under this menu? (Choose three.)

A.    UCS Chassis
B.    Datastore Capacity Report
C.    CloudSense
D.    Chargeback
E.    Compute Servers
F.    Compute Accounts

Answer: AEF

Which three options describe the correct methods to install the Cisco Nexus 1000V VEM (VIB) software module on the VMware ESXi hypervisor? (Choose three.)

A.    using the “Add Host to vSphere Distributed Switch” dialog on the vSphere Network tab when Update Manager is installed
B.    esxcli software vib install -n/tmp/Cisco_bootbank_cisco-vem -v173- esx_5.
C.    executing the Deploy-Nexus 1000V-VSEM.ps1 script
D.    D. esxcli software vib install -v/tmp/Cisco_bootbank_cisco-vem -v173- esx_5.
E.    using the Host Selection dialog box in Cisco Virtual Switch Update Manager
F.    creating a baseline group in VMware Update Manager

Answer: ADE

Which three operations can a cloud administrator perform when using the vSphere Client configuration tab? (Choose three.)

A.    View the processor and memory configuration of the ESX host
B.    Configure the host as NTP client
C.    Configure datastore backups
D.    Configure zoning
E.    View target initiators and zones
F.    Configure the primary/secondary DNS server

Answer: ABF


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