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Which three statements about the designated router election in IS-IS are true? (Choose three.)

A.    If the IS-IS DR fails, a new DR is elected.
B.    The IS-IS DR will preempt. If a new router with better priority is added, it just becomes active in the network.
C.    If there is a tie in DR priority, the router with a higher IP address wins.
D.    If there is a tie in DR priority, the router with a higher MAC address wins.
E.    If the DR fails, the BDR is promoted as the DR.
F.    The DR is optional in a point-to-point network.

Answer: ABD

Which three elements compose a network entity title? (Choose three.)

A.    area ID
B.    domain ID
C.    system ID
D.    NSAP selector
E.    MAC address
F.    IP address

Answer: ACD

Which statement about shaped round robin queuing is true?

A.    Queues with higher configured weights are serviced first.
B.    The device waits a period of time, set by the configured weight, before servicing the next queue.
C.    The device services a single queue completely before moving on to the next queue.
D.    Shaped mode is available on both the ingress and egress queues.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. You discover that only 1.5 Mb/s of web traffic can pass during times of congestion on the given network.
Which two options are possible reasons for this limitation? (Choose two.)

A.    The web traffic class has too little bandwidth reservation.
B.    Video traffic is using too much bandwidth.
C.    The service-policy is on the wrong interface.
D.    The service-policy is going in the wrong direction.
E.    The NAT policy is adding too much overhead.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the debug behavior of the device is true?

A.    The device debugs all IP events for
B.    The device sends all debugging information for
C.    The device sends only NTP debugging information to
D.    The device sends debugging information every five seconds.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about this device configuration is true?

A.    The NMS needs a specific route configured to enable it to reach the Loopback0 interface of the device.
B.    The ifindex of the device could be different when the device is reloaded.
C.    The device will allow anyone to poll it via the public community.
D.    The device configuration requires the AuthNoPriv security level.

Answer: B

Which three steps are necessary to enable SSH? (Choose three.)

A.    generating an RSA or DSA cryptographic key
B.    configuring the version of SSH
C.    configuring a domain name
D.    configuring VTY lines for use with SSH
E.    configuring the port for SSH to listen for connections
F.    generating an AES or SHA cryptographic key

Answer: ACD

Which two features does the show ipv6 snooping features command show information about? (Choose two.)

A.    RA guard
B.    DHCP guard
C.    ND inspection
D.    source guard

Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about how the configuration processes Telnet traffic are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Telnet traffic from to is dropped.
B.    All Telnet traffic is dropped.
C.    Telnet traffic from to is permitted.
D.    Telnet traffic from to is permitted.
E.    Telnet traffic is permitted to all IP addresses.

Answer: AC

Which three statements are functions that are performed by IKE phase 1? (Choose three.)

A.    It builds a secure tunnel to negotiate IKE phase 1 parameters.
B.    It establishes IPsec security associations.
C.    It authenticates the identities of the IPsec peers.
D.    It protects the IKE exchange by negotiating a matching IKE SA policy.
E.    It protects the identities of IPsec peers.
F.    It negotiates IPsec SA parameters.

Answer: CDE


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