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Refer to the exhibit. Assuming that all blades are equipped with Cisco UCS VIC 1280 adapters, which two statements can be confirmed from the output? (Choose two.)

A.    The Cisco IOM model is a 2104XP.
B.    The Cisco IOM model is a 2204XP.
C.    The Cisco IOM model is a 2208XP.
D.    Blades 3, 4, 5, and 8 are missing.
E.    Blades 3, 4, 5, and 8 are not associated with a service profile.
F.    Link Group Preference is set to Port Channel.

Answer: BD

In one-armed design, which method must be used to achieve symmetric load balancing in ACE?

A.    Dual NAT
B.    Round Robin
C.    Dynamic Routing Protocol
D.    MAC Probe

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the diagram are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco UCS Manager is set to FC switching mode.
B.    Cisco UCS Manager is set to FC end-host mode.
C.    The topology is not supported.
D.    The uplinks from each FI can carry multiple VSANs.
E.    The uplinks from each FI can carry a single VSAN only.

Answer: BD

Which three statements about Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect fiber channel end-host mode are true? (Choose three.)

A.    The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect sends BPDUs northbound.
B.    The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect never learns northbound dynamic MAC addresses.
C.    The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect learns dynamic MAC addresses from direct attached storage fiber channel ports.
D.    vNIC fabric failover is never available in end-host mode.
E.    Link status changes on uplink ports are propagated to host vNICs.
F.    The Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect learns southbound dynamic MAC addresses.
G.    vHBA fabric failover is enabled by default.

Answer: CEF

What is the maximum combination of static vNICs and vHBAs for Cisco UCS Manager version 2.1 when using ESX 5.1?

A.    18 eNICs and 8 fNICs
B.    24 eNICs and 8 fNICs
C.    12 eNICs and 8 fNICs
D.    18 eNICs and 9 fNICs

Answer: A

Which two actions must be done before configuring iSCSI boot for a server? (Choose two.)

A.    The storage array must be licensed for iSCSI boot.
B.    The operating system must be iBFT-compatible.
C.    Zoning must be configured.
D.    Boot parameters must be configured in the global group policy.
E.    IP subnet of iSCSI initiator has to be in the same subnet as that of storage array.

Answer: AB

Refer to the exhibit. When you assign this disk policy to Server 1/1, it fails.
Which option describes the reason for this failure?

A.    The RAID controller does not support single disk configurations.
B.    Only RAID0 and RAID1 are supported.
C.    The server is equipped with a local disk.
D.    Protection is enabled on the existing disk.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which two things can be determined from the SEL log output? (Choose two.)

A.    The server experienced a crash.
B.    The server experienced correctable memory errors.
C.    DIMMs in channel 2 are experiencing memory errors.
D.    DIMMs in channel 0 are experiencing memory errors.
E.    Memory errors have crossed two thresholds.

Answer: BE

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the actions on the left to the correct order for a step-by-step FCIP link configuration on the right.

Which three predictors are supported on ACE to select the best server to fulfill a client request? (Choose three.)

A.    Hash Address, which selects the server by using a hash value that is based on the source IP address, the destination IP address, or both
B.    Hash URL, which selects the server by using a hash value that is based on the requested URL
C.    Hash MAC, which selects the server by using a hash value that is based on the source MAC address, the destination MAC address, or both
D.    Hash Header, which selects the server by using a hash value that is based on the HTTP header name
E.    Highest bandwidth, selects the server that processed the highest amount of network traffic based on the average bandwidth that the server used over a specified number of samples
F.    First Come First Server, always selects the first server in the list of real servers.

Answer: ABD

Which three options are valid ACE health probes? (Choose three.)

A.    SIP
B.    ECHO
C.    Finger
D.    IPsec
E.    TFTP
F.    SSH

Answer: ABC

A load balancer can be defined as a network device that makes forwarding decisions that are based on parameters in Layers 4 to 7 of the OSI model. Which three parameters are involved in forwarding decisions? (Choose three.)

A.    TCP Destination Port
B.    DNS Record
C.    HTTP Session Cookie
E.    String recognized in the connection data
F.    Uniform Resource Locater

Answer: ACE

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