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QUESTION 171A vSphere administrator attempts to manually vMotion a virtual machine but receives error messages related to the Shared Storage datastore shown in the exhibit. The administrator uses the vSphere Web Client and locates the datastore settings shown:Which action should the administrator take to resolve these errors? A.    Reconnect server3 to the vCenter server.B.    Select […]

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QUESTION 151During a physical network reconfiguration, an ESXi host briefly lost connection to the management network. High Availability (HA) began powering off the virtual machines residing on the affected host to be restarted on an unaffected host in the cluster.Which setting should the administrator configure to prevent this behavior in the future? A.    Host isolation […]

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QUESTION 141Which controller is recommended for high disk I/O workloads? A.    BusLogic ParallelB.    LSI Logic ParallelC.    LSI Logic SASD.    VMware Paravirtual Answer: D QUESTION 142An administrator needs to migrate a company’s physical servers to virtual servers and deploy into the ESXi 5.x cluster. During the process of converting to a virtual machine, the administrator needs […]

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QUESTION 131An administrator is considering using NPIV to assign WWNs to virtual machines. Virtual machine portability is a major concern.Why would NPIV be inappropriate for this deployment? A.    Virtual machines using NPIV must use DirectPath I/O.B.    Storage vMotion is not supported using NPIV.C.    vMotion is not supported using NPIV.D.    Enabling NPIV requires SR-IOV supported hardware. […]

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QUESTION 121An administrator is building a new vSphere Standard Switch with two active uplinks. The physical switch ports for these uplinks are placed in an etherchannel.Which load balancing policy should the administrator use to support the etherchannel configuration? A.    Route based on IP hashB.    Route based on the originating virtual portC.    Route based on source […]

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QUESTION 111How should a vSphere administrator disable memory compression? A.    Attach a vSphere Client to an ESXi host and edit the Mem.MemZipEnable advanced setting.B.    Connect to vCenter Server using the vSphere Client and edit the virtual machine. Insert the Mem.MemZipDisable option and set the value to True.C.    Connect a vSphere Client to vCenter Server and […]

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QUESTION 91Which privilege should the administrator assign to allow a user to create baselines using Update Manager? A.    Manage baselineB.    Attach baselineC.    Stage baselineD.    Configure baseline Answer: A QUESTION 92A VMware administrator determines that a low priority virtual machine is negatively affecting the disk I/O performance of a higher priority virtual machine. The virtual machines […]

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QUESTION 81Why is the network configuration shown in the exhibit impossible? A.    A single vmnic cannot be shared by two virtual switches.B.    The MAC address of the Management Network VMkernel port is invalid.C.    Virtual machines are not allowed to run on the same virtual machine port group as the vCenter Server Virtual Appliance.D.    Virtual Machine […]

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QUESTION 71What two requirements must be met to create a fully automated Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) cluster? (Choose two.) A.    Shared storageB.    Hosts with identical processor featuresC.    Storage vMotionD.    vMotion Answer: AD QUESTION 72A vSphere administrator has been using vSphere in evaluation mode and now wants to deploy an environment that provides the same features.Which […]

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QUESTION 61An administrator is planning a new vSphere deployment using shared storage. The solution must support:– vMotion– Storage vMotion– Fault Tolerant virtual machines– VAAI primitives– RDM disksWhich storage type will meet these requirements? A.    CIFSB.    iSCSIC.    NFSD.    vSAN Answer: B QUESTION 62Which statement is true regarding the licensing of vCenter Server? A.    The license for […]

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QUESTION 41A vSphere administrator assigns VLAN 3389 to the Production port group on the VCP_DCV_Example vSphere Distributed Switch. After the change, users report a loss of connectivity to their applications. Further analysis provides the following data:– The cluster has not had a ESXi host failure.– Application functioned normally prior to the change.– The loss of […]

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