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QUESTION 1Evaluate the following CREATE TABLE commands:CREATE TABLE orders(ord_no NUMBER(2) CONSTRAINT ord_pk PRIMARY KEY,ord_date DATE,cust_id NUMBER(4));CREATE TABLE ord_items(ord_no NUMBER(2),item_no NUMBER(3),qty NUMBER(3) CHECK (qty BETWEEN 100 AND 200),expiry_date date CHECK (expiry_date > SYSDATE),CONSTRAINT it_pk PRIMARY KEY (ord_no,item_no),CONSTRAINT ord_fk FOREIGN KEY(ord_no) REFERENCES orders(ord_no));The above command fails when executed. What could be the reason? A.    SYSDATE cannot be […]

Braindump2go CompTIA SY0-301 Practice Tests Are Best Preparation Materials To Pass CompTIA SY0-301 Actual Exam

QUESTION 1An administrator has a network subnet dedicated to a group of users. Due to concerns regarding data and network security, the administrator desires to provide network access for this group only. Which of the following would BEST address this desire? A.    Install a proxy server between the users’ computers and the switch to filter […]

Pass Citrix 1Y0-400 Test With Braindump2go 1Y0-400 Dumps In First Attempt (1-10)

QUESTION 1Users must be able to connect remotely from their own mobile devices.What should the architect consider to increase the security of the current authentication solution? A.    Adding a second authentication factorB.    Placing domain controllers in the DMZ for remote usersC.    Shortening the Active Directory password expiration periodD.    Populating the RDS user profile path in […]

You Can Pass Citrix 1Y0-300 Test Easily By Using Braindump2go 1Y0-300 Study Materials (1-15)

QUESTION 1A Citrix Engineer needs to enable high availability on the XenServer host.What are two requirements for the environment? (Choose two.) A.    Workload Balancing has to be disabled.B.    A static IP address must be set on the management interface.C.    XenServer hosts need to be part of a XenServer resource pool.D.    A dedicated management interface for […]

Trying Braindum2go’s Latest Vmware VCP5-DCV Exam Questions For 100 Percent Pass Guaranteed (1-15)

QUESTION 1An administrator is working to implement Storage Profiles in their environment. Which two ways can storage capabilities be generated? (Choose two.) A.    They are generated by Datastore Clusters as LUNs are added to the cluster.B.    They are automatically determined by the Storage Profile when it is created.C.    They can be retrieved from the array […]

The Latest Study Materials For Microsoft 70-687 Exam From Braindump2go Help You Pass Exam Easily (211-220)

QUESTION 211You administer a Windows 8.1 Pro computer. The computer has File History turned on, and system protection turned on for drive C.You accidentally delete a folder named Libraries\Customers by using the Shift+Delete keyboard shortcut.You need to restore the most recent version of the folder to its original location.Which approach should you use to restore […]

Effective Braindump2go Microsoft 70-687 Exam Questions Dumps With Low Cost And 100 Percent Pass (201-210)

QUESTION 201You administer Windows 8.1 laptops. The laptops are configured to connect to an unsecured wireless access point.You plan to configure the wireless access point to encrypt wireless traffic and turn off SSID broadcast.You need to ensure the laptops will join the secured wireless network automatically after the configuration changes.What should you do? A.    Set […]

Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 70-413 Q&AS–CONFIGURATION (115-124)

QUESTION 115Your network contains an Active Directory domain named All client computers run either Windows 7 or Windows 8. Some users work from customer locations, hotels, and remote sites. The remote sites often have firewalls that limit connectivity to the Internet.You need to recommend a VPN solution for the users. Which protocol should you […]

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