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QUESTION 251An administrator needs to use performance information from Windows virtual machines to better understand their effect on the vSphere 5.x hosts on which they run.What must the administrator do to collect this information? A.    Install VMware Tools with the PERFMON counters enabled in the Advanced option of the installer.B.    Install VMware Tools. Add counters […]

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QUESTION 241A vSphere Standard Switch is configured with two uplinks.When adjusting the failover order of the uplinks, what are two valid states in which an administrator can place the uplinks? (Choose two.) A.    ActiveB.    UnusedC.    PassiveD.    Disabled Answer: AB QUESTION 242An administrator determines that a vSphere Standard Switch is dropping all inbound frames to a […]

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QUESTION 231Which tool should an administrator use to modify vSphere Data Protection (VDP) backup jobs? A.    vSphere Web ClientB.    vSphere Client using the VDP pluginC.    VAMI on the VDP ApplianceD.    vSphere Management Appliance Answer: A QUESTION 232An administrator needs to use vSphere Update Manager to perform orchestrated upgrades of ESXi hosts and virtual machines. The […]

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QUESTION 221A vSphere administrator needs to reconfigure the Distributed Power Management (DPM) threshold to be more aggressive.Where should the administrator edit the settings of DPM in the vSphere Web Client? A.    DPM plug-in settingsB.    Cluster settingsC.    ESXi host power settingsD.    vCenter Service Status Answer: B QUESTION 222An administrator has created a Virtual Flash Read Cache […]

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QUESTION 201An administrator needs to create and provision new virtual machines from a master image that can not be edited or powered on.Which type of resource is most appropriate for the administrator to perform the task? A.    Full CloneB.    Linked CloneC.    TemplateD.    Snapshot Answer: C QUESTION 202A vSphere administrator is unable to vMotion a virtual […]

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QUESTION 191An administrator attempts to install vCenter Single Sign-On Server. The installer returns an error message indicating that the installation failed. Prior to the installation, all setup prerequisites were met. The administrator has generated a vCenter Server Single Sign-On support bundle.Which two files should the administrator analyze to determine the cause of the failure? (Choose […]

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QUESTION 171A vSphere administrator attempts to manually vMotion a virtual machine but receives error messages related to the Shared Storage datastore shown in the exhibit. The administrator uses the vSphere Web Client and locates the datastore settings shown:Which action should the administrator take to resolve these errors? A.    Reconnect server3 to the vCenter server.B.    Select […]

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QUESTION 151During a physical network reconfiguration, an ESXi host briefly lost connection to the management network. High Availability (HA) began powering off the virtual machines residing on the affected host to be restarted on an unaffected host in the cluster.Which setting should the administrator configure to prevent this behavior in the future? A.    Host isolation […]

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QUESTION 141Which controller is recommended for high disk I/O workloads? A.    BusLogic ParallelB.    LSI Logic ParallelC.    LSI Logic SASD.    VMware Paravirtual Answer: D QUESTION 142An administrator needs to migrate a company’s physical servers to virtual servers and deploy into the ESXi 5.x cluster. During the process of converting to a virtual machine, the administrator needs […]

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QUESTION 131An administrator is considering using NPIV to assign WWNs to virtual machines. Virtual machine portability is a major concern.Why would NPIV be inappropriate for this deployment? A.    Virtual machines using NPIV must use DirectPath I/O.B.    Storage vMotion is not supported using NPIV.C.    vMotion is not supported using NPIV.D.    Enabling NPIV requires SR-IOV supported hardware. […]

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QUESTION 121An administrator is building a new vSphere Standard Switch with two active uplinks. The physical switch ports for these uplinks are placed in an etherchannel.Which load balancing policy should the administrator use to support the etherchannel configuration? A.    Route based on IP hashB.    Route based on the originating virtual portC.    Route based on source […]

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